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7 Practical Tips on How to Get the Cheapest Rolling Shutter Doors From China without compromising on quality

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Update time : 2020-05-19 12:15:52
I think you would agree with us that galvanized steel roller shutter door is the most common roller shutter doors in the market, because it's strong and durable, offering high security at low price.

Compared to other types of roller shutter doors, such as aluminum roller shutter door, stainless steel roller shutter door, transparent polycarbonate roller shutter door, galvanized steel roller shutter door will be much cheaper, nearly half price of others.

cheap low price galvanized steel rolling shutter door

However, how to get the cheapest rolling shutter doors from China without compromising on quality? Here below are 7 tips for your reference when buying from China.

► Tip 1, Mare sure the thickness of steel slats is enough according to the PI/contract that you have signed. Some suppliers might quoted you very low price to get the orders first, and then they will use less thickness of steel slats to reduce their cost and increase their margin.

► Tip 2, Check the end clips on both side. The end clips fixed on both sides are crucial because it will prevent the curtain from lateral movement. If it's poor quality end caps, then the slats might slide out of the curtain and the door will be stucked, if the motor keeps runing, the curtain will be damaged or broken, which might cause safety issue. 

► Tip 3, Check the bottom rail. Make sure the bottom rail is heavy enough to its gravity stress to lead the curtain runs more smoothly, especially for manual operation steel roller shutter doors, we could put some iron bars inside the bottom rail or sand inside the bottom rail if necessary. 

► Tip 4, Check the guide rail / track. The guide rails fixed on both sides are used for smooth operation of curtain and offer security. If the guide rail is weak, then it will be earlier to break in. 

► Tip 5, Check the shaft / barrel. The shaft used for hanging the curtain on the top of the roller shutter door is critical, the curtain might fall down if the shaft is not strong enough, which might cause safety problem. 

► Tip 6, Check the quality of powder coating. Some of you might need different color for the steel rolling shutter doors, remember to check the quality of powder coating, otherwise, it will be earier to peel off, discolor. 

► Tip 7, Check the roller shutter motor. The roller shutter motor is the most important thing for automatic steel rolling shutter door, if the motor doesn't work, then the door doesn't work too, so choose a good brand of motor always mean a lot. 

In a word, choosing a professional manufacturer of steel rolling shutter door means a lot for you. 

With plenty of experience within the industry and one of the most comprehensive choices of affordable roller shutters for sale in China, we are ready to help and guide you 
through the process of ordering cheap low price roller doors from China compromising on quality, no matter you will buy from us or others. 

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