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Aluminum roller shutter doors, which will be shipped to Africa

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Update time : 2018-11-15 15:31:20
At starking shutter manufacturer limited, we can produce any size, any thickness, any color of aluminum roller shutter, rolling shutter doors, roll up shutter doors. 

Here below are some photos of our HOT-SELLING aluminum roller shutter doors, Item number is SA80-1, 1.2 mm thickness, White color by powder coated.

Double skinned aluminum slats for roller shutter doors, 1.2 mm thickness, color to be
white by powder coated, with protective film to protect the surface from being sketched

Aluminum bottom rail with rubber weather seal, to prevent the dust from comming in

Aluminum roller shutter door assembly 1

Aluminum roller shutter door assembly 2

Aluminum roller shutter door assembly 3

Aluminum slats with noice reduction rubber strip

Rubber weather seal for aluminum bottom rail

Any inquiry, welcome.