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40 feet container of galvanized steel roller shutter doors to Nigeria

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Author : Leo
Update time : 2020-08-28 16:03:21
Year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, from the begining of the coronavirus hit us pandemicly, we faced with various lockdowns and each stage has brought with it a range of emotions. It is a difficult time for everybody this period.

However, with the continuous supports of our clients, we surviced and pass half of this year step by step.
Recently we finished production and delivered a 40 feet container galvanized roller shutter doors to our Nigeria client.
This procjet start to consult from end of 2019, but after a new year holiday, everything block in china due to the Covid-19,we can do nothing but stay at home for more that 1.5 month. While we recover,the Covid-19 hit the world that our client have to stay at home. During this period we faced lots of issue such production, payment ,shipping, but finally, we successfully delivered the cargo and it is estimated to arrived Nigeria at the begining of Oct.

container loading for galvanized steel roller shutter doors  

container loading for galvanized steel roller shutter

galvanized steel slat

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